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For Change Leaders

Change management is a well-established term for activities supporting people within an organization through the stages of the change curve. This model offers a structured approach to predict the reactions to announcements of a significant change and the impact on the performance during its implementation. In this context, change means an external trigger introduced through a top-down communication.


In the digital age, a company's fate relies on its resilience to continuous change. In this sense, change is an evolutionary process which is initiated from the top or from the grassroots and which evolves in the many conversations throughout the organization. 


For me, it is essential that Change Leaders, e. g. internal coaches or change teams, cultivate people's awareness of the conversations that presently matter most.


This coaching package offers groups of Change Leaders a tool to identify those meaningful conversations and translate those insights into actionable interventions. In three onsite coaching workshops over 3 to 6 months, we'll discover conversations in four emotional realms - boredom, confusion, conflict, ambition - and explore how to use these as a lever for change.