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For People Leaders

In the digital era, our assessments of effective management are re-shaping. As markets become complex, companies are making drastic changes to their organizational design to become a complex organism themselves. The span of control and chain of command structures are often times replaced by self-organized teams who hold decision-making power at the frontlines. Servant leadership is the new buzz word, often simplifying the challenge as merely focusing on freeing the team of impediments that delay time to market. But these leaders face profound challenges and, against current belief, are more than ever the cornerstone of the organization.


What makes People Leaders so irreplaceable is their responsibility for developing the biggest asset of a complex organization, it's people. If successful, these leaders enable an organization in three crucial dimensions; how people approach learning, how people collaborate, and how people adopt leadership. 


This coaching package offers People Leaders 12 virtual one-on-one conversations over 6 to 12 months. I invite you to discover your very own style of servant leadership that is both, sustainable and fulfilling. 

My Leadership Model

Explore the three dimensions of People Leadership