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My Approach

Coaching is a relationship that allows for deep learning on a personal level through transformational conversations. In the digital era, when change seems to be the only given constant in an uncertain world, being a leader means investing in continuous personal development. As leadership turns from being a trait of few to the responsibility of many, coaching is an essential tool for leaders on all levels. 

How we collaborate, learn, lead and live is based on how we experience the world. We all are unique observers and see the world through our own eyes. What we believe possible, likely or lunatic shapes the actions we choose and the results we create for ourselves and others.

In my work as a coach, I invite my clients to explore three dimensions of what shapes their reality and shift the way they observe and thus act in their personal and professional world.
1. We all embody a context, our organizations, our history, or our cultural background. These systemic forces shape the norms against which we assess ourselves and lead others. 
2. We all interact through language. Our conversations, as well as inner dialogs, define how we collaborate in business and move forward in our life. 
3. We all develop through moods and emotions. These inner forces influence how we approach learning and our openness to embrace change. 

Based on new-found insights I partner with my clients in creating actions and practices that help them lead the change they wish to see in their profession and live.

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