A self-experiment: living in cycles

In 2016, I had quit my well-paid corporate job and left a team that I loved. The beauty and the beast for any major transition in life are that - for a moment - we become aware that our future is unknown. For me, this meant entering a time of high uncertainty. Other than drinking tea and walking the beach in France, I had not made plans after leaving my job. Now that I was going back home, I felt lost. I needed a plan. But how do you make a plan when the goal is unclear?

You work in cycles. The transition between cycles serves as a time for reflection and designing action. What do you want to leave behind? What learnings do you want to bring forward? What is the goal you work towards next? Which actions are of highest priority? It is this principle of ‘Inspect and Adapt’, that allows fast and profound learning.

In this article I share my learnings from my first year out of office, after quitting my corporate job. Read the full blogpost 👉here

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